Roti Mavic Cross Ride 2013 Prindere disc Centerlock

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The access to the Mavic Mountain Bike performance and identity
Entry level at Mavic always means quality, efficiency and reliability. Completely endorsed by the Crossride - incredible value ! New consistent graphic approach

Access to the Mavic quality 
Reinforced rims: H2 compression Hub quality: FTS-X freewheel, QRM bearings Resistant straight spokes

Access to the Mavic identity
New large and visible graphics Straight pull bladed spokes

Greutate: 1900 grame

roata spate Center Lock: 1020 grame

roata fata Center Lock: 880 grame

Eyelet: H2 technology
Drilling: traditional
Material: 6106 Aluminum
Joint: pinned
Color: black anodised
Disc brake specific profile
Internal width: 19 mm
Valve hole diamater: 8,5mm with pop off reducer

Culoare; negri
Marime ax butuc spate: 9,5x135
Axele : Otel
Corpul butucului: aluminiu
FTS-X, otel
Axul de fata: 9x100 

Numar: 24 fata si spate
Incrucisari ; 2
Coloare ; negre
Nipples: brass, self lock concept
Material: otel 

Marimi de anvelope recomandate: 1.5 to 2.3
Discuri de frana : Center-Lock
Versiune Roata Fata: Center Lock
Versiune Roata Spate : Center Lock

Se livreaza cu :
BR101 inchizatori rapide
Manualul utilizatorului si garantie
Fond de janta
9mm fork support (front wheel)

Se pot comanda si cu butuc fata cu ax de 15mm

Anul productie: 2012